Monday, March 18, 2013

     I was not able to update the image above for April 6, 2013 due to computer problems. Sorry for this happening. Next update on the image above will be the following Saturday.

     Click on image above to enlarge it. What you see up above will be updated every Saturday night.
     What you see above is my account on a website that I use to buy or sell stocks with on a daily or weekly basis. Also, what you see above shows you how much that account is up or down based on the stocks that I have bought or sold using that account.

     Want to make money referring people to me telling people to use my stock recommendations to buy and sell stocks or do you want the stock recommendations yourself to make money?
     You will get a $60.00 referral fee in the mail if you get somebody to sign up for a one year subscription.
     To get my stock recommendations, send me an email with your name and email address to my email address. Once that happens, I will get in contact with you in order for you to receive my stock recommendations. is the email address you want to send your name and email address to in order to receive my stock tions. is the email address you want to send any questions or concerns to me that you may have.
     If you want to advertise on my website, leave your name and phone number with my third email address. is my third email address.
     Do not send any questions or concerns to my first or third email address above!!!!
     All subscriptions are one year. All one year subscriptions cost $150.00 dollars. All subscribers will receive 6 months of my stock recommendations for free before they have to pay the $150.00 dollars. I am only taking ten people at this time. The first ten people who give me the $150.00 dollars will get the ten spots. If you are one the ten people who decide to pay me $150.00 dollars without receiving the first six months free, you will get your next year subscription at $75.00 dollars. All subscriptions are nonrefundable at this time. You will always get my stock recommendations before 5:00 in the morning central standard time.
     You can get my complete history of buying and selling stocks with this account by sending me an email to my second address requesting one. You will have to pay me a fee for doing this. I will send you an email regarding how much it would be if you request one.
     You can buy and sell stocks using my stock recommendations without risking any money of your own buying and selling stocks using for free. To do this, all you have to do is open an account with them and use the virtual trading account they give you. Opening an account with them is free. No minimum deposit is required for opening an account with them.


     If you click on page 2 at the bottom , it will give you a more accurate account of what I have made. The image you will see will be from my virtual account that I use on optionsXpress website. This account that I use takes into account all the fees that I would have been charged for buying and selling stock if I used optionsxpress to buy and sell stock. Therefore, the gains I have made in buying and selling stock will be smaller compared to what you see above on this first page. The gain right now on the optionXpress account is $1055.41 dollars for the stock I have bought and sold if I used optionsXpress.
     Remember, what you are seeing on page two is my virtual account. The virtual account lets you buy or sell stocks you think are going to go up or down without risking any money of your own.   

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